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Liberals are violently opposed to the IDEA of rape by white-privilege-besotted Males committed against females at Ivy League and other expensive private colleges and universities. Unless of course your last name is Kennedy, or Clinton, then it's not such a big deal.
Funny that Dole is bemoaning the lack of experience of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. The only experience he had was losing, so what does that tell you.
My kids stress about the tests too. I tell them it doesn't matter how they do on the tests because they are tests for the teachers and not for the students, so they don't need to stress about how they do on them. They've always done very well on the tests. I hate all of the testing hoops that students have to jump through these days. They only seem to be getting more plentiful.
The biggest issue is the economy. If the true unemployment rate was at or below 5% very few people would be complaining about illegals taking jobs. That being said it is essential from a national security standpoint to secure our border. Allowing individuals to enter our country to work is a great idea, but there should be a minimum wage for non-citizens which is significantly higher than that for citizens, giving companies incentive to hire citizens first. There should be absolutely no government assistance for non-citizens and ever diminishing government assistance for citizens. Welfare services should be transitioned away from government to churches and other charitable organizations.
Based on your errors in writing you, shouldn't throw stones.
Except that CF bulbs contain toxins that poison the environment that you live in if and when they break.
The fabled Northwest Passage was likely a fable because at one point it was navigable. Like during the medieval warming period when Greenland was settled by Vikings. The problem with global warming is not whether or not it is occurring (climate has never been static), but whether a very weak greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide is the driving force behind it. I have neither seen nor heard any compelling argument that would persuade me to think that it is, but have seen many to the contrary. Cynical scientist that I am, I am led to believe that the hype behind CO2 is more a result of it's potential as a tax revenue generator, rather than a climate regulator. Water vapor is a much more potent greenhouse gas, yet since it is the by product of oceans and plants, does not have the tax potential of something that is produced by industry like CO2.
Black neighborhoods are most unsafe for blacks.
Maybe he can be coaxed to say Koch again.
She can't name a single problem with Obamacare because there are too many to mention. Either that, or she is, as they say in Korea, an empty rice container.
413 votes against it? Who said that bipartisanship is dead in the house?
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