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States choosing minimum wages isn't any better. A minimum (living wage) in Chicago would price lower skilled labor in rural Edgar county out of the labor market.
Another option is to require that employers pay immigrants (non-citizens)three times the minimum wage.
At least she's a lady. Unlike you.
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Did I Move?

Gayle90 Wrote: Feb 13, 2014 5:47 AM
My two youngest were born in South Korea while I was stationed there. It was very clear that I wouldn't be allowed to stay there just because I had two children born there.
I'm sure media matters doesn't pay Lois, but you're right she does make stupid comments.
Repealing Obamacare would be one of the most positive things to create jobs that they could do, but you're judgementally impaired and can't see that fact.
Democrats will say the darndest things to get elected.
With a Black president, and Black Senator, the NAACP has increasingly little to complain about with regards to "lack of opportunity" for blacks. They are especially critical of any black who has achieved anything of note through hard work and dilligence, rather than adhering to the typical reliance on quotas and extortion that propelled Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to prominence.
Don't forget Mia Love.
I can think of 17 trillion reasons for him and Hillary to not run.
You state the issues very well. I grew up on a farm and for a long time now have thought it odd that liberals would bemoan the condition of farm animals kept and fed on the farm, only to be slaughtered for meat later, but exult over the governments "taking care of the poor". How is it any different to meet every need of a farm animal in exchange for meat, milk, eggs, or leather, or to meet every need of a human in exchange for votes?
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