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Almost my exact thought.
I remember several years ago reading about a national park in Hawaii that was waiting on the federal government to repair a road that had been destroyed by sever storms. They kept dragging their feet, and claimed that they did not have the funds (an exhorbitant amount) to complete the repair. Meanwhile businesses in the area that depended on the road and the revenue generated by having the park open got together and funded the repair of the road for a fraction of the price and in less time than had been projected by the federal government and corrupt system of issuing contracts.
What she meant to say was “We are not going to let anyone ELSE distort the debate.”
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The Stolen Job Myth

Gayle90 Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 10:49 AM
All I had to do is read the lead-in to the article to know it was a pile of rubbish. Our current unemployment situation is the result of a job stifling bureaucracy, and unregulated immigration. All you have to do is look at any construction site, landscaping or janitorial service and see the influx of immigrant labor. These are jobs that were once dominated by small businesses, that are being overtaken by large companies that exploit cheap, often illegal immigrant labor.
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How Can Anyone Trust Obama?

Gayle90 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 10:13 AM
Of course they are phony scandals. The originated from a phony president.
An SA-7 will resolve this issue. After a Mexican helicopter or two has been shot down, they will no longer venture across the border.
They've always been morally bankrupt, so what possible difference does this revelation make?
I like your idea
Simple solution to what is perceived to be a complex problem. 1. Allow anybody who wants to work in the United States to freely enter if they have no criminal record, and issue them resident worker cards. 2. Peg the minimum wage for those holding resident worker cards at three times the established minimum wage for citizens. 3. Don't allow resident workers to receive any government public assistance. The result would be that those with technical knowledge would be easily employed as most technical jobs command wages well above three times the minimum wage. Illegals would be allowed to come out of the shadows, and if they are able to find employment would be able to better meet their needs without depending on government assistance, and if they can't find employment they would be more willing to return to their own country knowing that they could easily re-enter at a later date if they should so choose. Wages would increase for those "jobs nobody else would do" to a level that other people will do them, and reduce the need for government assistance for U.S. citizens. Yes food prices may go up, but the subsidy that we pay to educate, and medicate everyone who comes into our country would diminish greatly.
People behave this way, and then blame their daughters for bringing dishonor on their family? Have they examined their own hearts?
"legislation was singed into law in 2010." "Sung" is the correct past form of sing, not "singed", or were you trying to use the past form of singe? I guess in that case it would be correct. We're all feeling quite singed because of the law that the legislation signed.
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