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Please Stop Helping Us

Gayle90 Wrote: 14 hours ago (3:59 PM)
The difference is that the Dems. club plantation blacks while they're asleep, then blame the bruises on somebody else, and their victims believe them.
She talks for free, but people pay her big bucks to shut up, and the longer she speaks the more they pay her to close her trap.
Oops, I meant "family's vacations."
Maybe he should raise money to pay for his families vacations.
The main point of the article was not about their lack of representation, but about the government's collusion at their expense. Unions represent their employees in negotiations with business owners, and should have no more power or authority than non-represented employees with regards to negotiations with governments. Governments that were placed in power to represent the interests of all citizens, and not just unionized employees. The problem Michele is trying to expose is the government collusion with unions and the subsequent refusal to be forthcoming with documentation of said negotiations.
Vacation home in Iowa? Is that like a winter home in Nome Alaska?
I agree, he is the most transparently corrupt and incompetent president ever.
Hobby Lobby is a closely owned company, meaning that it is not sold on the stock exchange, but is held by a single family. You have no clue what this family invests in unless you are their personal stock broker. Quit pretending to know something you do not. It makes you look presumptuous and really quite stupid. Most Christians are hypocrites to some degree, because we all fall short of the teaching that we profess to follow. You on the other hand, can't be a hypocrite because you have no values with which you can be found to contradict, including being truthful.
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Spending and Morality

Gayle90 Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 2:17 AM
What exactly led to the stock market crash and resulting depression is still a matter of debate among economists. Some point to a bubble in the stock market while others reason that it was because of a contraction in the money supply due to a gold based currency that was vulnerable to hoarding of gold in European countries following the first world war. One thing is certain though. It was not the result of fiscal restraint of the federal government.
Almost my exact thought.
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