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Christianity is Compatible with Ayn Rand

Gatspy Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 7:21 AM
The reason why there is the term agnostic is exactly because of the argument that you explained so well above. Your right but I have never heard a pastor talk about social justice. Social jusiice is the goodness of a Christian helping his fellow man and not expecting the government to do that and that is why church donations can be wrote off. President Obama today did not mention God in his 9/11 speech, instead he told people to go out and do community service. Christians do community service everyday and that is why Christ and not Obama should be praised and prayed too.

Increasingly, priests and pastors are preaching that socialism (in the name of “social justice”) is Christ-like. In truth, capitalism, not socialism, reflects Christian values. I think Christians would be less likely to embrace socialism if they understood that the economic philosophy of Ayn Rand is compatible with Christianity.

‘Social Justice’ Evolves

In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle speaks of a general form of justice that encompasses all virtue. Describing general justice, Aristotle writes: “It is complete virtue and excellence in the fullest sense… It is complete because he who possesses it can make use of his virtue not only by himself but...