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Taking the Fifth -- What It Does (& Doesn't Do) for Lerner

gatorbait Wrote: May 22, 2013 8:46 AM
Ive been preaching to people for over 40 years about the DEM PARTY OF THE KKK and them spreading their Socialist Agenda and I was laughed at,,,, Now what do people think,,,,,,,See this has been going on for over 60years since Reps DEFACED them to the Whole World by making them Sogn the Civil Rights Act,, having them remove all Emblems of the Confederatcy from their state flags,,,this has all been a plot by the DEM PARTY of THE KKK,,,Reps took away their Negroes and Gave Them the Rights of WHITE PEOPLE,, What has happen today is they found them a Black man who HATES AMERICA as much as they do,,,they may fool other white people into believeing they care about Minorities by putting us all on every BIG GOOBERNMENT FREEBIE program known to man,, but this is the Plan to keep Blacks down,,they created Unions in the Education system to dumbdown America,,have your children or grandchildren bring home their American History books and see if there is anything in it about the KKK and who was responsible for their actions,,,WONT BE ANYTHING,,, do you honestly believe they gave women the Rights to kill their Unborn babies because they cared about women,,HELL no it was to keep a POPULATION Control on MINORITIES,,,look at all these Abortion Clinic Problems they are having today,,who are the MAJORITY of Babies being Killed,,,MINORITES,,, It sad that most of America is BLINDED by these things and UNEDUCATED enought to try and learn what happened back in the Civil Rights days and Before,, Hell even the Young Black today dont want to know as long as they are all getting those FREEBIE CHECKS REUPPED every Month,,I know being Black how that is going,,Sad to say,,Very Bad Wake Up America the DEM PARTTY OF THE KKK AND THEIOR SOCIALIST AGENDA IS ALMOST IN FULL GEAR,,WAIT UNTIL THEY MAKE 11 TO 20 MILLION ILLEGALS DEMOCRATS
aj59 Wrote: May 22, 2013 8:56 AM
Gator, it really is sad that folks don't hear your words of wisdom. I work with an African American gentleman and we have some real wonderful conversations on this topic. Fortunately, he is old enough to remember the civil rights era, and although he is a bit more liberal than I, he agrees 100% with the points you've raised, and on most topics we agree more than we disagree. Keep sounding the alarm, Gator; America does need to hear what you're sayin'!

Tomorrow, Lois Lerner -- director of Exempt Organizations at the IRS when all the targeting occurred -- is going to come to Capitol Hill and take the Fifth Amendment.  

It will be quite a spectacle.  

As a matter of law, a jury cannot use someone's invocation of the Fifth Amendment as evidence of guilt.  But we are not in a court of law -- we are in the court of public opinion, as everyone in The White House knows, and Lerner wouldn't be taking the Fifth unless she was in danger of prosecution . . . or otherwise...