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Liberal hypocrites will stomp on Jesus but take our money.
Maybe we should delegate family matters like marriage to separate religious courts. Then those courts would have jurisdiction over their followers. Gay people would have to find a court that sanctions their relationships. And then for tax purposes, the secular courts would judge us as individuals with/without dependents. That might stop the whole gay marriage debate.
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Look at England

GatoLuchador Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 2:38 PM
The problem today is BLIND TRUST of govt. If you look at the past, the founding fathers distrusted govt. Their distrust was based on their knowledge of human nature. But today, especially among low info voters, a person wins an elections and is automatically endowed with an aura of angelic trust. To win back freedom, we need to get people to stop trusting so blindly.
You know, the Court really should just consider this a legislative matter. If Congress wants to define marriage as a binary relationship between one man and one woman for tax purposes, then only Congress should have the right to repeal that law. Why should the Supreme Court legislate from the bench?
People need to stop trusting govt so much. That's why politicians get away with these things. Just because they win an election, all of a sudden they become angels. Truth is they are very greedy. They can't spend your hard-earned money fast enough. We need to change from a blind trust culture to a skeptical, critical-thinking culture. If we can get the low info voters to stop trusting blindly then we'll have some hope.
This is creating a hostile environment for learning. If my supervisor asked me to do this, he would be fired. He would be abusing his position of power. Yet, we have a different standard for University professors -- Stomp on Jesus or get suspended. What would happen to your boss if he said, Stomp on [name it] or get fired?
That's the cowardice of these secularists. They pick on Christians because they are meek. They need to understand that MEEK does not mean WEAK. On the contrary, they are cowards for picking on those who turn the other cheek.
I like that. Maybe we should organize, go to the school and do a mass stomping -- not just Poole but also anyone who supported her.
Greed, greed, greed. That's what this is all about.
At my workplace, this behavior would be classified as creating a hostile work environment. And my result in an employee losing their job. But somehow, at a university, it's okay??? These people are creating a hostile environment not conducive to learning. Yet they get a pass. How did a minority become so powerful?
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