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Why would any sane woman marry a man that hit her. So stupid.
Oh Joy, He is going to get in front of the cameras and lie some more. Nobody believes this guy. Call Your Congressmen, Senators and the WH tell them off and mention NO AMNESTY. Use Numbers USA for Faxes
The crack-smoking, pot-headed, Choom Gang homosexual hustler is in over his head? Well, who'da thunk it? Lesson to Americans: Never elect an incompetent street hustler to do a man's job.
I am calling my senators and congressman and RIPPING THEM A NEW ONE!
Liberalism: ideas so good, they're mandatory.
And we will call for actions to be taken to address his lawless actions of treason!
I find the IRS offensive let's get rid of them!
This has escalated to a foreign invasion, not "illegal immigration". It's being aided and abetted by our government, business leaders and religious leaders. They won't stop until this country and everyone in it is made a slave.
Why is it that from Tokyo to the U.S. to Switzerland, the politicians are banging the drum over the same issues at the same time? Do they send out some type of Memo and play an idiotic lock step game?
They aren't grazing on BLM land for that we get out the swat teams and black helicopters.
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