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Juan Williams: Don't You Think Israel is Being a Little Harsh on Hamas?

gasserjerry Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 12:49 PM
i am a disciple of Jesus Christ.not into any religion but i follow HIM and HIS teachings.the church is DYING and DEAD in america.My Bible says the Jews will nuke damascus and egypt.this next go is probably it.millions of muslims will die.but i think before God uses such a drastic means,the muslims must do something terrible to the Jewish people and man when God is done every country that borders Israel today will go back to the original owner.GOD and ISRAEL.later when russia is dragged into the fray,later in time then the rest of the muslims will be more terroists muslims period.God knows how to deal with murderers and HIS jealousy for Israel will flash white hot.
AK Mark Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 1:02 PM
The Church in America is most definitely not dead. Part of the Body are asleep, immature, stuck in tradition, and even espousing heretical doctrine. But even as many live lukewarm lives, devoid of passion for Jesus, many others are finding their lives in Him. You are living in the beginning of the greatest revival in history and it is coming to the US.

Last night on Special Report, Fox News Political Analyst Juan Williams accused Israel of "overkill" in their efforts to eradicate Hamas and stop rocket (and road bomb) attacks on the Jewish State. Williams also said Egypt was an important mediator, although the country is ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood, a group sympathetic to Hamas.

"The question is overkill."

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