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ISRAEL is not bombing muslims just for fun you idiot williams.muslims are killing Jews and hiding behind the backs of their own children this is ISRAELS the Bible its all in there.Israel will reach a point where they have no other choice than to wipe the muslims off the face of the earth.millions men,women,children all will die.they do have superior firepower and have always refrained from using it.but no more.this next go will terrify the world.but GOD says Israel will for all of the Jew haters of the world take note!you bomb me and i would have already have killed you.bu no america gets involved.diplomacy they say,right.Israel is the only one that tries it.they then are murdered again.we also are a doomed nation.
alan every time you open your puss filled mouth out comes more stupidity.its not about color.its about being idiot.a person needs brains and common sense and you will not find that in politics today.obaba wants his quest to become a god,he needs puppets,like clinton holder,all of his czars,clowns in high places.bent on enslaving libs and so called conservatives,listen up women,obaba is just using you.if he is allowed by GOD ALMIGHTY to get away with it, all of you will be his slaves also.but without common sense,oh there is none!
some people have a misconception about what the electoral college is was put in the constitution so little states with small populations could have an equal vote up against the big york,california,in other words big dog states could not run over the little dog.people today just don't read or even understand our constituion.that is why idiots running for president go for the electoral may have been a dumb edict but it was supposed to allow fairness..but in todays Godless america fairness was flushed down the toilet.who ever can LIE the best will get the rest
just remember what the obamanoids told americans the day before the election its now time to get revenge.remember i just quoted obama himself.blacks like the obama's just can't admit to themselves african black people sold their neighbors into the slave markets of the world.yes it was blacks selling blacks.i would not be surprised if obama and his wife's own relatives were in on this slavery.they don't care somewhere around 6 hundred thousand WHITES died to eliminate slavery.america was a new country and they go around saying america was the cause of slaverty.slavery in africa is alive and well today as ever.but you will never hear lunatic liberals say anything about it.we used to have guts in this we have gutless wonders.
its all about color stupid.hey just kidding they vote because its against know an old when birds of a feather,well they roll in each others vomit they may call themselves reverend this or that ,but the only god they know is stupidity.and the whites like maher,chris matthews jon stewert just don't realize and i am glad that the blacks just use them to help destroy america.these idiot liberals think they will escape but they won't.they are lib lap dogs
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