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Must Religious Organizations Be Required To Admit Non-Adherents as Members?

Gary W2 Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 9:43 AM
I am so tired of people equating Christianity and Judaism with pacifism. They make my Christ a feminized mamma's boy. He was not a pacifist. He was generally a gentleman. Though he did not fight for his own life, but rather laid it down, He did confront and fight for others. His treatment of offenders in the temple was NOT pacifist. His treatment of the stoning mob, was NOT pacifist. His comments on the Pharisees and leaders were outright "vulgar" in the vernacular. He and his disciples were routinely criticized for their crude vulgarity of habits and associations. In the Old Testament, God gave the Biblical principles for war with an enemy. What was that? TOTAL DESTRUCTION! Paul talks of the government's sword. For What?

About five years ago, I had the privilege of making a presentation before the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, a European intergovernmental organization established to protect, among other things, international “human rights.” While there, a prominent European atheist group also did a presentation claiming that churches across the world are violating the rights of atheists by excluding them from church membership.

Of course, this was news to me. So I listened.

Their argument went this way: governments subsidize churches directly through tax support, such as in Europe, or indirectly through tax exemptions, such as in the...