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So Fake It’s Real: Global Warming is Reality TV for the Media Elite

GaryL1 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 2:59 PM
Fudging the facts is right. I saw a display at the Burch Aquarium (Scripps Institute of Oceanography- La Jolla CA) where on a video a scientist showed a graph of data with 2 lines- Temperature and concentration of CO2, and there was NO correlation between the 2. They fluctuated independently. The scientist then said that he "knew" that there was a link and had to prove it. He manipulated the data, introducing an equation with an exponent, and then he got the results he wanted. I could not believe that anyone would admit to distorting data like this in public! This is like smashing your car with a sledge hammer then saying "I knew that it would fit through the front door!"

Here’s my challenge to all the global warming apologists:

Explain to me why the “settled science” of global warming has to manipulate headlines to make information appear scarier and more threatening than the actual data shows. If global warming is so settled, why do you and your friends take the opportunity to exaggerate, obfuscate and slant every piece of news that comes out to make it seem relevant to today?       

You can see an example of this in the headlines below:

Climate Change Main Contributor to Corn Volatility, Study Says” writes Bloomberg-BusinessWeek. “

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