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Entrepreneurship Real Key to Success

GaryL1 Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 12:04 PM
It can be very expensive to start a business in the US. Years ago, I repaired and sold used appliances out of my garage. I bought a trailer to put behind my car to haul the appliances because I could not afford a truck. Zoning did not permit me to do this. If I got a business license, I would have had to provide myself with more off street parking to replace the area in the garage, and I would not be permitted to have customers come to my garage. Major appliances don't sell at swap meets. I flew under the radar for several years. I never could do enough business to save the money and open a shop in a commercial area. I finally gave up. My hat's off to those who do succeed.

I had the honor and pleasure to speak at the second annual Constitution Day event in Las Vegas on Saturday and came away inspired but also depressed. Several local speakers told wonderful stories about America and living their dreams.

Dolly from the Philippines came to America thirty years ago seeking the dream. Dismissing the victimization rhetoric she heard in college about all the obstacles for women she focused on all the opportunities for everyone.

John became an American citizen last year and also borrowed $4,500 from a friend to open a printing shop. Not only did people tell him opening a...

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