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Beat the Winter Blues

GaryL1 Wrote: Jan 16, 2014 9:47 PM
Just East of San Diego, where I live, it was 84 today, and I still can't get my teenagers out of the house. My son plays video games when he gets home from school, and my daughter also plays some video games, but reads a lot too. When we lived in Yuma AZ, it was the summers that kept them indoors. Swimming pools and the river were over 90, and too hot to swim in. In the afternoons, the streets were empty in neighborhoods. No kids out playing, no adults doing chores or talking over the fence. It reminded me of a '50s science fiction movie where space aliens captured everyone in a town, and left garden tools and toys out on the lawns.
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Politics Versus Education

GaryL1 Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 12:58 AM
The policy of the first high school I taught at was that a student could not be sent to the office unless a parent was contacted first, and then the student repeated the offence again. 2 students got in a fight, I sent them to the office, and they got bounced right back to my class. I was reprimanded for "not following policy". They were only concerned with doing time until retirement, and they did not want to bother with the students. At another school, the principal was reading a book, "You Can't Punish A Killer Wale", and decided that the rules were not to be rigidly enforced, but made flexible as needed. This was the second time the teachers could not count on the office supporting them. When she left, the school was in disarray, but the new principal had a real "Off with their heads" attitude and the school shaped up right away. The administration must back the teachers, or the entire school suffers.
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Elegy for the Incandescent Bulb

GaryL1 Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 12:19 PM
I have cfls everywhere in my house, except in the oven and refrigerator, which are incandescent, and that's the only place where I wonder what I'm going to do to replace them when they go out. The one exception is in the kitchen. I needed to replace the fixture, and I saw an LED fixture that has the light output of 120 watts incandescent, but only uses 16 watts. That's about 1/2 the watts of CFL! The fixture was $45. The bulb has a life expectancy of about 32 years if left running continuously. In the use we have for it, the life should be easily 45 years. The bulb can not be replaced, the entire fixture will have to be replaced, but I'll let my son worry about that when he retires, and he is 17. There are also LED replacements for florescent tubes that just pop right in the fixture. You may be composing an elegy for florescent some day.
Is OPEC secretly funding and promoting the anti-fracking push? I would not doubt it. This could also be why ARAMCO is now getting into mortgages.
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Liberals’ Skewed View of Conservatives

GaryL1 Wrote: Jan 06, 2014 10:30 PM
You are far too tame in your synopsis. I have just been the target of liberal tirade. If you use facts and logic, they use an emotional tirade that is aimed at insulting and shouting down "the enemy". An emotional, gut response is the only thing they know.
How about "Men's", "Women's", and "Whatever-Not Sure" restrooms in proportion to the population of each.
My son won't use the restrooms at school because of this.
Make the 3rd one look like a Tina Turner impersonator.
Single toilet facilities would ensure privacy, but the cost would be much higher. I was thinking of outhouses myself. Barry, you have never been out with a group of people, and one woman says, "Let's go to the Ladies room", then the women go as a group? As a teacher, the female teachers would tell me about the "girl-jams" in the bathrooms. However it might be interesting to see a "he" that's a "she' try to use the urinal.
There are a lot of wild pigs in Southern California that are causing many problems. I think the state should offer a bounty on them and give the meat to the poor or use it in prisons. There are some nuts that are trying to say that the meat is dangerous. I've eaten wild pig in Hawaii and it was delicious! People all over eat it all of the time and don't have a problem with it.
My son is a senior in high school, and refuses to use the restrooms at school. He is also glad that he is not on the wrestling team anymore. Why? Because of this transgender law. He does not want to be in a situation that makes HIM uncomfortable. Too bad his rights and feelings are unimportant because he is straight.
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