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I still can't believe that these hucksters are still at it. I saw so many flaws in the original reports I read, plus deception that is being pawned off on people. The Scripps aquarium was showing a video where a researcher said that he tried superimposing a CO2 level chart and world wide temperature chart, and they did not in any way coincide. The researcher was so sure that the hypothesis is true, that he started doctoring the data, and when he introduced an exponent, he made the graphs line up. I said fairly loudly "What?" When the conclusion of the data says that the hypothesis is wrong, you change the hypothesis, you don't force the data to fit it. An exponent completely changes a graph. I have a bachelor's degree in Physical Science, which is a mixture of Physics, Chemistry, Geology (including climate and meteorology) and math. If I can spot the deception, fraud, and mistakes, why can't people with more advanced degrees spot them. Besides, the Grandfather of all this, Roger Revelle, after researching climates changing and greenhouse gasses, stated that man has a very minimal effect on the climate, and the main factor in all of this is the output of the sun!! They, including the national weather service that our tax dollars support, are pushing the politics and brain washing, are trying to say that the climate is warmer than it has ever been. Why is the antarctic ice growing? If it is hotter now than it has ever been, then why are there 1,000 year old remains of farming communities in Iceland that are now in permafrost ground? It never thaws and you can farm frozen ground. They are the ones who believe in witchcraft and refuse to look at the facts.
I can also see that machine connected to other automated machines that cook the food, wrap it, and send it to the front counter. Can't happen you say? What about all of the soda machines that put the soda fountains in drug stores out of business? We had a soda machine from about 1950 that made it's own carbonated water and delivered it along with the Coke syrup into a cup for the customer. A Jack in the Box in San Diego has had an automated ordering machine in service for a while. Also, the large box stores are trying to get customers to order merchandise online and pick it up in the store, or have it delivered. Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot to name a few.
I saw a child's plastic pail and shovel that had a tag on it saying "For decorative purposes only. Not to be used as a toy."
No such things as zombies????? Have you seen any recent photos of Keith Richards, or Mick Jagger? Also ask yourself "how else could they have survived this long, considering their wild past?"
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On Rudeness and Incivility

GaryL1 Wrote: May 13, 2014 11:46 PM
I enjoy watching the reactions people have when I'm polite or complementary to them. I'm a 60 year old white man, and I enjoy the smile and "thank you" I get when I hold the door open for a younger black woman. I also enjoy the reaction I get when I say "You too. Have a great day" to a cashier who has wished me a good day. I also enjoy the smile and laugh I get when someone asks me how I am and I say "Not bad for an old man with an '84 Chevy." Try it, not only will you give someone else a lift, but you will feel better too.
When Germany took over Denmark, Hitler ordered all Jews to wear a star of David. They complied, but the king also wore one, along with most of the people of Denmark. I like that! If some sort of registration was ordered in a country, could you imagine the chaos if everyone in the country registered as a Jew? The system would overload!
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Wrestling Chaos in America's Classrooms

GaryL1 Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 4:01 PM
I taught at a high school where the teachers could not sent the students to the office on a first offence. We had to call the parents and talk with them about it. I had 2 boys come close to blows, I sent them to the office, and they were sent right back to class. All the admin. was worried about was retirement. Another time, I was teaching at an adult ed school. A student threatened another with a big knife. The dean told the teacher that he should give the student another chance... Next time, the student was drunk and had a 38 pistol. The dean tried the same speech, and the teacher said that he would dismiss the class for the safety of everyone if that student showed up again. No support!
One thing was overlooked. In the Garden of Gesthemity, the Lord, Jesus Christ, took upon himself the sins of the world. It was such a horrible experience that he asked to have the "bitter cup" removed from him and he bled from every pore. He then said "not my will, but Thy will be done" to submit to the will of the Father. By taking upon himself the sins of the world, and then being offered as a perfect sacrifice, he made it possible for everyone to live with Him and the Father, if we will accept His sacrifice, and live according to His will. He arose from the dead, and made it possible for all of us to do the same, and this is what Easter is about, the Resurrection.
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Overtaxed and Underpaid

GaryL1 Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 1:14 AM
My daughter, 22, earned just over $8000 last year and attended college. She paid $206 in federal income tax, and $45 in California state tax. Why? Because I claim her as a dependent. It's crazy!
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Equality in Discipline

GaryL1 Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 12:55 AM
There needs to be a few more administrators like Joe Clark in the movie "Lean On Me". One problem however, was that he got on the teachers for not disciplining the students. I have taught at a high school where the administration would not back up the teachers. The students act up, and nothing happens to them. I had 2 students start to fight, I sent them to the office, and they were immediately sent back to class. I was chewed out because the policy was that students could be sent to the office only after the teacher contacted the parents for a first offence of any infraction, then if it happened again, the students could be sent to the office. It was little wonder that after a while, teachers gave up because they had no support.
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