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relative to your perception. I was a Republican for MANY years until after the election of 2008. I saw the progressive influence in both parties. Makes them one in the same. Real Americans are "behind every blade of grass". The Japanese knew this. They knew who the REAL sleeping giant was. Wasn't the government of the time.
By the way. Math and science were my favorite classes. Taught me how to think in a universal language. Common Sense. I'll bet you that two mathematicians that do not speak the same language can communicate with each other through math.
I believe YOU want to teach. But there are to many who just want a paycheck. Your kind is dwindling. The kind that taught me. If I could not pass the test, I was held back. My parents were very involved in doing the 5th grade twice. I thank them, and the school for that. Taught me how to succeed.
Not surprised. When you dumb down a populous, they believe what ever they are told. Even if they are told they are brilliant, and you give them a piece of paper that says so.
They are one in the same. Arms, head, neck, body, legs, feet, hands.... To many real Americans are asleep.
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What We Know Now

GaryAZ Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 6:47 PM
It's obvious the MSM was given the choice of Liberty or death. They chose neither. Money talks for them, and the BS keeps on walking. Sad. They used to be the protectors of U.S. I do hope the People choose Freedom & Liberty, over tyranny.
I could not have said it better myself.
"In fairness, not all sensitive information can or should be made public. The question we need to ask is whether the Obama State Department is freezing out media inquiries into the Benghazi massacre because the answers to such questions genuinely compromise national security interests, or because they're trying to insulate the White House from the political fallout of their lethal fumble." Considering they are in full campaign mode....and I Am an decedent of those who ate from THAT tree...I have the ability to know right, from wrong. A no brainer.
It seems that anything that Carney says is the true definition of PARROTING. barrraaaaak!...they don't hate the u.s....barrrrakkk!'s about the movie...baaaaraaakkkk! was the videos fault....baaaaraaakkk!
It is quite obvious that this is the best you can do when the truth slaps you in the face. And I am sure you mean "new media" is "mean to us", meaning new media is being mean to the MSM in general. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" And, yes, you are "babies". I am quite positive I am interpreting your tantrum correctly.
Raid your retirement before they do! Wait......if I do that, it will all be in paper money....which will be worthless by 2014, the latest. Guns, ammo, that's stuff you can believe in.
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