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It would have mattered only if there was an Obama sticker on it. Then we could call Iran racist.
Amen brother. Amen.
There's a report somewhere that I read today (I read too much, can't remember where it is) that stated that the Red Cross was promising monetary relief? Anyone remember where I read that? I seem to remember that the storm victims wanted food, clothes, blankets, generators, fuel, fresh water, "...a little bit of sympathy" as Robin Trower would say.
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New Bombshells Rock Benghazi Scandal

GaryAZ Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 2:51 PM
Your right :( BO has not been responsible for almost four years now. It IS Ludicrous for us to think he would be responsable now, and do the right thing. Thanks for pointing that out Mr. Reid.
"President Obama is canceling some campaign events in Virginia and Colorado so he can monitor Hurricane Sandy during and after its expected landfall on the East Coast." Yeah. All he's going to do is watch. At least Benghazi will only cost you an election. You still have your pension, book sales, being paid to do speaches...all that stuff. Benghazi cost a few their lives. Remember that the next time you accept a paycheck. Blood money sir, blood money. Those four did their singular selfless act required to redeem themselves. Do you have the balls to do yours? I pray you do mr. president. Someday, I pray you do.
"The National Science Foundation spent $30,000 to fund a study done by the University of Washington and Cornell University's to measure "gaydar" - the ability of people to identify sexual orientation merely by appearance. The researchers confirmed that "gaydar" exists, writing that participants were about 60% accurate when attempting to identify sexual orientation by appearance." Since the government has not done a study on "racedar", I am going to guess McTingles here is gay and just trying to divert our "dar". I predict that if/when the government does a study on racedar, it will be 100% accurate for progressives/lefty shills/lefty wingnuts/democrats, and 0% accurate for all others.
She didn't clap for her husband. She was clapping for Candy. Candy helped the debate for the zero, more than the zero did,and Michelle knows it.
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Got Racism?

GaryAZ Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 1:21 AM
That would be "a Progressive" hiding under there. THEY are the one's who hate everything that is true "Light". THEY are the one's who what to keep U.S. in a true "Hell on Earth". Sweet dreams. "Exit Light. Enter Night. Take my hand. Off to never never land"
Well, we can all see you love women, as I do. However, I respect them as well. As does Mr. Brown. I don't think Warren gives a poop about you (women). Most Democrats use the tools at their disposal.
"Rev. Wright's chickens are still coming home to roost." The reverand is on the "down low". He converted to Christianity because he is 1) gay, or 2) a Muslim who is working for the glory of Allah in disguise. Take your pick. Either way, this man hates America, but will take it fruits for his own because they are "owed to him and his".
I do not think they planned the out come. But the situation on the ground at the time was their plan. And, yes. That should have been Accessory. While I don't think "they" (White House, State Dept., et al) were there, obviously by design, they did not fire the shots, light the fires, raze the building. However, they are as guilty as Bin Laden. Send in the SEALs and take'm out. The whole lot. They have committed treason.
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