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How's that blue donkey up your butt feel? Just another persecutive. No offense intended.
Affirmative action...of coarse. Like the zero!
I should clarify...CLEAR lens. He did have dark lenses in that style.
I don't need to look at his website. He had always worn his signature round wire rims. By the way, a gun didn't kill John Lennon. Mark David Chapman did.
It would have mattered only if there was an Obama sticker on it. Then we could call Iran racist.
Amen brother. Amen.
There's a report somewhere that I read today (I read too much, can't remember where it is) that stated that the Red Cross was promising monetary relief? Anyone remember where I read that? I seem to remember that the storm victims wanted food, clothes, blankets, generators, fuel, fresh water, "...a little bit of sympathy" as Robin Trower would say.
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New Bombshells Rock Benghazi Scandal

GaryAZ Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 2:51 PM
Your right :( BO has not been responsible for almost four years now. It IS Ludicrous for us to think he would be responsable now, and do the right thing. Thanks for pointing that out Mr. Reid.
"President Obama is canceling some campaign events in Virginia and Colorado so he can monitor Hurricane Sandy during and after its expected landfall on the East Coast." Yeah. All he's going to do is watch. At least Benghazi will only cost you an election. You still have your pension, book sales, being paid to do speaches...all that stuff. Benghazi cost a few their lives. Remember that the next time you accept a paycheck. Blood money sir, blood money. Those four did their singular selfless act required to redeem themselves. Do you have the balls to do yours? I pray you do mr. president. Someday, I pray you do.
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