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Well, I read the "Recommended reading:"; not bad. But the comment's section after was much better.
Well, he did say he wanted a citizen army as well equipped as the military. He just didn't say which citizen army.
While I agree with you; President Joe Biden. That is quite a choice to make.
That's it! The shrinking glaciers, ice sheets! It's man's increased use of iced drinks! I think you have FINALLY given the left a new talking point. After all. None of their ideas are really based on fact. But this! They could work with that.
How's that blue donkey up your butt feel? Just another persecutive. No offense intended.
Affirmative action...of coarse. Like the zero!
I should clarify...CLEAR lens. He did have dark lenses in that style.
I don't need to look at his website. He had always worn his signature round wire rims. By the way, a gun didn't kill John Lennon. Mark David Chapman did.
It would have mattered only if there was an Obama sticker on it. Then we could call Iran racist.
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