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Rep. Ryan, Please Follow Rand Paul's PR Model

Gary 919 Wrote: Mar 12, 2013 1:42 PM
Best piece I have read by Mr. Limbaugh, and I have read several that I considered very good!
Gary 919 Wrote: Mar 12, 2013 1:54 PM
As the Captian of the ship would announce when the ship was being threatened "Man Your Battlestations!" It's not only time for the leadership of the Republican Party to sound the call, its time for every God fearing Constitutionally minded American to arm themselves with the Truth and refuse to remain silently in the she adows as the maniacs in the MSM continue to assure us that there are no "icebergs" looming just ahead if we maintain our current course. Dr. Ben Carson made it clear in his recent prayer breakfast speech that ignoring warnings from the lighthouse will result in catastrophe.

There are three major factors that stand in the way of entitlement reform and the other responsible budgetary measures that must be taken to avert an eventual national financial catastrophe, and they have a common source.

The first is that too many American people remain, amazingly, in the fog about the scope of the problem. The second is that a certain political ideology refuses to substitute a designated driver for the intoxicated entitlement state, which is driving the American bankruptcy bus. The third is that the leader of this noxious ideology has a further conflict of interest precluding a solution to...