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Matt Romney, Throwback

Gary 919 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 10:57 AM
No Paul, "We can't go back, we can't go back to the same old ways that got us into this mess!" We have to "learn to speak a new language" as Michele Obama told us would be the case if her husband was elected in '08. "We can't go back" were also the exact words Jim Jones told his followers as the poison was being added to the "kool-aid" that would end their lives! "We can't go back" is cultist talk! Don't drink the kool-aid my friends.

The policies Mitt Romney advocates might be quite new after four years of this administration, but his language is a golden oldie. By now, the retro phrases that punctuate his vocabulary have acquired a name of their own: Mittisms.

Michael Barbaro and Ashley Parker, a couple of New York Times reporters, compiled an impressive list of them in a news story that ran in our paper the other Sunday. To run through them is to take a trip into the past:

When he fell in love with his wife, Mitt Romney wasn't just in love, he was "smitten."...