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Creating Monsters: Terrorism, Welfare and “Celebrating Diversity”

Gary 919 Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 4:02 PM
As president he can now vent his alienation against "bourgois" society in a much grander scale than he could even dream of during his 20 years as a community organizer.

To call the Tsarnaev family a “piece of work” is an insult to work.

But they are a piece of something, something the editors won’t let me write here (just think of what last night’s dinner is now). Not only were Tamerlan, the Boston terrorist currently burning in Hell, and Dzhokhar, the Boston terrorist soon to be burning in Hell, on welfare, but their whole family was on the government dole.

This isn’t as much a case against welfare as it is a case against immigration reform. In their time in this country this family did nothing but take...