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Obama Is Making the Case For His Own Impeachment

Gary634 Wrote: May 31, 2012 11:14 AM
It's an oxymoron to say, "Obama is no longer fit for the job," because the idiot NEVER WAS FIT FOR THE JOB!! Here, you have an idiot, who cannot speak, without someone feeding him the words, cannot govern, without some foreign (more than likely, rogue) power telling him what to do and cannot keep one promise, he made, while duping enough idiots into voting for him. So, as I said, to put Obama and "fit for the job," in the same sentence, makes it an oxymoron!!

The President’s latest tactic, taking on the Supreme Court’s power of judicial review with a preemptive striking against justices who might contemplate an unfavorable ruling on ObamaCare, following on the heels of last week’s "open mic gaffe" in which he explained Russian President Dimitri Medvedev that he’d have more “flexibility” to sacrifice American security after his re-election, lead to one question: Is Barack Obama making his own case for impeachment?

Obama is no longer fit for the job. I don’t say this lightly. I don’t say it with glee or joy. And I don’t say it with malice. But rather...