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She's already stuff...full of BS!!
After seeiung them nominate Obama, twice...I put NOTHING past the dim bulbs, who vote democrat!
On the suggestion that the arrest of bin Laden was a significant Obama achievement, I have to disagree. I am of the opinion that bin Laden was arrested despite Obama's efforts to allow him to continue his crimes. Personally, I think Obama would have done better as president, had he sat back and allowed his advisers to run the show. He didn't do that and America is sliding downward on a greased pole!
I would have to accept this at face value. My thinking, all along, is that everything Obama has does -- from his days, loafing in the Senate -- has been done for the Middle East and for Barrack Obama - ALONE!!
About three years ago, I began to notice that both the Democratic Party AND the Republican Party are socialists. They don't allow the voices of the Independents or any other "lesser" party to participate in presidential debates. Now that you have the Republicans doing to the Republican voters what a democrat (U.S. Sen. Zell Miller, D/GA, who was chosen by Georgia's democratic governor Roy Barnes to replace U.S. Sen. Paul Coverdell (a duly elected Republican) did, when he went into the Senate...demand that the men of his own party were changing to the worst. Alll you can find are RINOs, who would rather allow the same camaraderie to conti-nue, than to change the downward spiral that is now destroying this once-great nation. So, Obama may be (I will NEVER say he isn't, mind you) a bad president, but Congress would be able to straighten him out, if they weren't (secretly) sharing his socialistic agenda!
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Not So Grand Bargain

Gary634 Wrote: Oct 19, 2013 9:39 AM
Over the years, I've noticed one thing; it seems to always happen, too! Compromise, between the liberals and the conservatives always seems to demand change...BY THE CONSERVATIVES! No plan will be hashed out unless the conservatives make the changes. Therein lies the destructive force in American governemtn..Both the liberals' refusal to make any changes and the conservative's wimpiness - they always back down, leaving the righteous Americans with a bad deal.
I am so tired of the Politically Correct crowd and their assault on my First Amendment rights. When I was a sixth grade student at the Georgia School for the Deaf, "hearing impaired" meant a person, who couldn't hear and could neither sign nor get along, using speech. Then the political correct crowd stepped in, demanding the word DEAF is taboo and telling me I shouldn't use it. They can go where no sun will ever shine!!
The history is that both the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Redskins were, at one time, Boston Braves and, looking back to the 1995 World Series - between the Braves and the Cleveland Indians, I believe that is when the Native Americans began griping over the use of their likenesses in sporting arenas. What's next on the agenda? Will those, who still rob merchants - at sea - come, demanding the use of Pirates and Buccaneers come out of hiding to demand that the Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay teams are hurting their businesses? And, all we need is the pet lovers picketing because of the use of bulldogs, tigers, lions, If it were me, I'd feel honored to have my people's group so honored.
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Time to Scrap Labor Day for 9/11 Day

Gary634 Wrote: Sep 12, 2013 5:06 PM
This is a good idea. However, this holiday goal will have to be signed by a future president. You'll never get Obama to sign it into law, though, as it was his Muslim buddies, who caused the 9/11 deaths.
Let's hope the RINOs, in Congress will finally finally locate something, inside their scrotums, and do the right thing. I also hope this will not be dragged out the way Clinton's impeachment was and that more democrats will see the sleazy nature of this buffoonish president and throw him in jail!
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