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Sure he hasn't. His Momma did all his homework (and chores), his granddaddy and grandma did the same and, since then everybody has spent their lives wiping his nose. This is one time, when an impeachment and a conviction should lead to working in a sweatshop. Let's teach this high ranking commie pinko the meaning of work!!
Shedding tears, while listening to music, doesn't make a person a sodomite! LIke you, I cannot imagine supporting someone, who is so liberal that she flaunts her sodomy and acts as if it's a natural thing.
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Boko Haram: Hillary's Bad Choices

Gary634 Wrote: Jun 03, 2014 8:03 AM
It must be the political equivalent of a love-hate relationship, between Hillary and Barry. I mean, before he deceived enough idiots to vote for him, she was his loudest critic. Then, he made her Secretary of State and she was kissing his butt on a daily basis. Now, she is making negative statements about Al Quaeda right about the time her butt-smooching buddy has made it know that he doesn't refer to them as a terror cell. My hope is that the idiots, who voted for the bum, will take this into mind, when they go to vote, in 2016. That way Hillary will be the first female candidate bounced from the election in the early primary.
How about, "It's always someone else' fault, and nobody can blame me as long as I play the race card or the sexist card or some other card that will cover up the fact that I don't know and don't want to know what I'm talking about"?
I never chose not to work...My health failed, after I'd worked for years. The disability money, I receive was deducted from every paycheck I received from the time I completed high school and went to work, until brain surgery left me totally disabled. When FDR proposed the Social Security Administration, part of that proposal was for the disabled, so, having paid into the system, it is there for me -- until those, self-serving clowns in just about every political office in D.C. completely gut what isn't even theirs. I have a real problem with the fact that I continued working, while my health was failing and didn't stop until life-sustaining brain surgery made it impossible for me to continue....all-the-while, Obama wants to take what is mine and give it to people, who are too lazy to work....just so they will continue to vote bums, like himself into positions of leadership. While I would love for my health to improve and be able to become a contributing member of society again (an event my doctor, neurologist and the Vocational Rehabilitation keep saying will never happen), I am disdained by the fact that Obama and his self-serving bunch of cohorts want to allow laziness with a better check that I am receiving.
First of all, you have misspelled god...You see, to capitalize that word is to give honor to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as well as the God of the Christian world. You are right, however, to point out that this couple worships money and everything they can buy, with money they steal from others! What I will never forget is the night I was at WalMart, where I saw Hillary's memoires (THAT'S what SHE called it...I called it a jokebook - t was hilarious to read!) Let's see, this woman, who was paid $8 million to pen this book, wrote two entire chapters on Bill's infidelity - you had to read between the lines to catch it though! What was lost on me was the fact that she "believed" him, when he told her their was no truth in the news about Monica and that, when he came into their White House bedroom, on the night before the impeachment proceedings began, confessing to "a MEASURE OF TRUTH," she said she "wanted to wring his neck." Just a few short pages later, she blamed the impeachment on "a Right Wing attempt to discredit his administration," and they people, next door thought they'd need to call in the white coat-wearing guys, to cart me away...It was so hilarious that I laughed, half the night!! So, when she announced that her position as Secretary of State would be her last stop in politics, I KNEW SHE WAS LYING!! I didn't have to wait long for her to prove me right, either! What I see is this: We went from a moral White House, to an immoral White House (under Clinton), regained morality and then allowed an amoral (one, without morals of any kind) president to take over. To bring in Hillary, in 2017, would continue this downward spiral and the United States, having barely survived this amoral administration, will definitely NOT survive another immoral one.
Sure! Democrats are "responsible," until the hourly occurrence, when Obama does something wrong. Then, he, she and the rest of the dim bulb delegation blames everyone from Bush, Jr., to Reagan, to the Republicans on Capitol Hill. It's been five years and the bum, slumming in the White House has accepted responsibility for NOTHING, except the things that fall apart and then come back as victories. Remembering how he did everything, possible, to underhandedly prevent the capture of bin Laden and, when the Navy SEALS succeeded, DESPITE HIM, he acted the champion role. This is more of the, immature, same! America should DEMAND more from these mega-wealthy people!
She's already stuff...full of BS!!
After seeiung them nominate Obama, twice...I put NOTHING past the dim bulbs, who vote democrat!
On the suggestion that the arrest of bin Laden was a significant Obama achievement, I have to disagree. I am of the opinion that bin Laden was arrested despite Obama's efforts to allow him to continue his crimes. Personally, I think Obama would have done better as president, had he sat back and allowed his advisers to run the show. He didn't do that and America is sliding downward on a greased pole!
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