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Can Obama Be Re-Elected on Broken Promises?

Gary634 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 12:02 PM
Prayer still changes things, Louie13.....I mean, I am alive, 41 years after the doctors predicted I wouldn't live "more than two weeks," and that's all the proof I need. The problem is, the so-called Christians (pew warmers might be a better term), in America, are so complacently lazy that they'll be impoverished before they even realize they COULD HAVE prayed. It would be much, much easier to do what is needed to be done, NOW, than wait for the bottom to fall out and have to work from scratch!
Do you remember when President George H.W. Bush made the promise not to raise taxes ("Read my lips: No new taxes") but unfortunately was talked into raising taxes and it cost him in his bid for a second term?

If President Bush No. 41 could lose a re-election by breaking one promise, how can President Barack Obama win a second term when he has broken a truckload of promises?

Consider only his multiple campaign promises to raise taxes. A few years ago, The Washington Examiner gave a selective list of more than a dozen instances when Obama promised to roll back President George...