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Why Rice Resigning, Misses The Point

Gary 56 Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 12:35 PM
Obviously I agree with you commentary on my postings Paul. However, the true vote of the American People will never be known because the stage has already been set for vote fraud on a monumental scale. Inventions like motor voter registration, postcard registration, absentee ballots, and extended voting periods are now mixed with a flood of illegal aliens who can not even speak English, but who will be herded from one polling place to another in acorn buses. New cases of voter fraud surface every day, but the Federal Courts will not allow the States to require a photo ID before voting. America will be getting what it deserves, unless the good Lord has mercy on us.

Dr. Susan Rice should resign her post as the U.N. Ambassador of the United States.

The bald-faced lies that she blatantly repeated five days after the savage and brutal attack against the American compounds (plural) in Libya on September 11, 2012 are enough to bar her from being allowed to represent the United States in any position of trust for a very long time to come. Americans don't like it when facts get mixed up or miscommunicated, but purposefully using the media megaphone that is the top television news platforms to openly lie to the American people defies Nixonian...