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Merry Cliffmas

Gary 56 Wrote: Dec 25, 2012 8:28 AM
Come on Charles ! To show the propaganda about ONLINE sales without also showing the comparative data from brick and mortar locations is to mislead. From what I have read or heard, the brick and mortar reports are not good. Time will tell about that. I do agree with bob 24 that "we just haven't hit the rocks yet." Furthermore, nothing in the cliff negotiations sounds like MEANINGFUL SPENDING CUTS to me, which are the essence of what this Republic desperately neededs. No amount of fiddling with tax rates will keep US from hitting the rocks. Merry Christmas to all !
Barnlady Wrote: Dec 25, 2012 3:10 PM
Gary, I truely believe Obama has absolutely no intention of curtailing spending.... After all we NEED cowboy poetry, to teach basket weaving to the Nigerians, and all the other wasteful SXXX they do in DC.... Oh, would I love to be president as I can cut a budget. First I would stop rescuing the whole world so our "boys" don't get shot at by muslims while trying to deliever aid to the victims of a diaster. I think we have enough diasters here in the US...And since we need all the infrastructure "fixed" we already pay almost 50% of the population to sit on their "butts" we could put them to work to earn their welfare.. OK, I will stop but I have an endless set of ideas....Barnlady for President!!!

Okay, so it's the night before Christmas and all through the House (of Representatives) not a creature is stirring, not even John Boehner. Congress is off for the holiday, and the President is out in Hawaii. And here we are, one week from fiscal calamity.

Surely, if this Fiscal Cliff doesn't get sorted out it will be one of the worst failures of Congress and the President of all time. Nevertheless, both Boehner and Obama agree there's still time. For me, if the few goons in Congress and the White House procrastinated all year only to hold all of America hostage...