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Don't Blame Romney

Gary 56 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 10:00 AM
When Ann supports one RINO (remember the image of NJ Phaty slapping backs and swapping spit on the sea shore with Mullah Barhama?), and then supports another RINO (is there any evidence that Mitt from Mass isn’t a RINO?), she leaves principled conservatives (purists as she impugns them) without a principled candidate. Face it Ann; RINOs aren’t remarkably different from liberals. Romney passed gov’t health care and Barhama passed gov’t health care. Barhama didn’t want to talk about Benghazi, and Romney didn’t talk much about Benghazi either. Unfortunately Ann, Romney is just the most recent RINO in a string of defeated RINOS,… McCain, Dole, and Bush the 1st. Remember Benghazi !!
NullifyNow Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 10:41 AM
Did Gary vote for the most conservative candidate running, the great statesman Congressman Ron Paul?

If not,Gary is a filthy hypocrite.

We spent billions of dollars and billions of words on an election to switch from President Obama, a Democratic Senate and a Republican House to President Obama, a Democratic Senate and a Republican House.

Every election predictor was wrong, except one: Incumbents usually win.

Republicans have taken out a sitting president only once in the last century, and that was in 1980 when Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter. Sadly, Reagan's record remains secure.

The Democrats ran up against the incumbency problem in 2004. The landslide election for Democrats in 2006 suggests that Americans were not thrilled with...

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