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Racial Profiling Not the Issue

gary4114 Wrote: Jan 17, 2014 7:08 PM
Alvarez is a Mexico Turncoat to the U.S.A. always has been. No Question about it She works draws Pay and Benefits for Mexicos useage only not U.S.A. anyway it could be done.///she /supports and probably belongs to LARAZA Inc. along with Brown Berets Their Militia by the way 1 race only(Latino? the U.S.A. Feds support it Possibly be Their downfall.Anyhow any Real American Latinos out there and the Rest of Races in U.,S,A. join together as a Union MAKE IT WORK>>>>>>>>
Yes it was all Races and Colors but Which had the Hignest Percentage? Then the Pilgrims How many mixed Races to make America American and most Progress? Look at Mexico We Babysit the Country and its People Their Followers not Leaders .P.S. Better known as Sheep>>>>>>>>>>
Their Hireing What Gays only and are they allowed to own Guns and Rifles ?What are Their Rights at Starbucks What????????????
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Lawless Lesbianism

gary4114 Wrote: Oct 17, 2013 3:00 PM
Read a Real Bible not Mad Magazine then spew???????????
If your an American Peroid and a Veteran? Your the ones supposed to get these Lega lAmerican Citizen made Benefits. Not the Illegals in America most get Benefits The Feds Chicano por la Casa all your Catholic Churches. Their Getting Real Legal Americans Benefits as per the Federal Goverment. Also If your not Getting all Get a Lawyer anything you get better then Nothing.. Just another Legal American>>>
Obama Bush and Napolitiano all Invited with? Freebies Welfare Food Stamps Medical Low cost Houseing all. Free Just sneak into U.S.A. dont worry about Border Patrol and National Guard Their orders and no Gas for Their Vehicles and orders to Turn Your Head dont enforce Americas Laws and Policies. Now how could you call this doing Their Sworn Duties for U.S.A.????Just a disgusted Legal American>>>>>>
Take Dead Peopleoff the Books also A.C.O.R.N Prison Time for all Their Staff that participated Black panthers participated also at Polls . Justice and Prison time to all even on the Fixed Voteing Machine 6 or 7 States never really got investigated correctly same as Obamas Identification. As a Real Legal Voteing Taxpaying Citizen where in the Heck is Americas Security that Americans are paying Their Salaries and Benefits every day? Where is it do We have Real National Security in America??
How are We Affected wrong by U.P.S. or Fedex ? Their self supporting not U.S.A. Postal Service every time you Turn around more Money for Post Office real regular. Post Office needs to down size on Personel Postal Stores like any other Business? What makes them Special are they Humans its called Reconstruction like the General Legal public lives with.Thanks to Federal Goverment Makeing that Loophole for BIG Business>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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