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Polls: Obama Maintains Small National Lead

gary395 Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 5:22 PM
When Obama loses the election, what is he going to do, blame Bush, write a book, based on, APOLOGIES, grab the rug out of the closet and look towards Mecca, FIRE his Teleprompter, move back to Africa, see if the View or Letterman is hiring, become a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, open up a Doggy-Restaurant, arf, arf arf.
RufusTFirefly Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 6:01 PM
When that doesn't happen, will you buy another 10 hand guns, stock up your bunker in preparation for the leftist takeover, pull your children out of school so they are not taught the Koran, or just lie in the corner in a fetal position. When none of the things you are afraid of happen, will you admit that you and nutcases like Glenn Beck were living in a fantasy world??

As the presidential debates are set to kick off this week, Barack Obama continues to hold a modest national lead over Mitt Romney.  Here are the top-line numbers among likely voters in three new polls:

Washington Post/ABC News - Obama 49, Romney 47

Politico/GWU - Obama 49, Romney 47

Rasmussen - Obama 50, Romney 47 (includes leaners)

Digging a little deeper, the WaPo/ABC News poll shows a virtually-tied national race, but has Obama up...