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Hilliary the TUMOR GAL.
i wonder how she felt when she lost the election, & the Muslim won the election. :-(
Clinton made sure none of her family was in Benghazi, when she planned the attack.
i believe this attack was a plan develop by the traitors of the White House & State Department, but we will never know without a Full Investigation.
also Bush, would never cut the pay towards our Military.
/2013/05/13, Bush was not the president on 2013, give me a break.
the gutless politicians needs to their job & impeach the MUSLIM LIAR-IN-CHIEF didn't they take the Oath to defend the United States Constitution ?
when the LIAR-IN-CHIEF caused the murders in Benghazi, is the politicians going to do their job & impeach the LIAR-IN-CHIEF, being according to the United States Constitution giving comfort & aid to our enemies is a FORM OF TREASON, so are the politicians going to defend the U.S.Constitution or are they going to violate the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.
all those that caused the murders in BENGHAZI should be impeached, not on a vacation in Hawaii, & not to be considered a presidential candidate.
Obama, Rice, Clinton, & Carney will be receiving the MEDAL OF SHAME AWARD, these liars deserve that award.
i wonder who is the best liar, lowass or the LIAR-IN-CHIEF.
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