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It's OK; she's a democrat!
Mr. Earnest has been brain washed!
Could the old saying be true; he who accuses racism when none exists is the racist? Hmmm.
And TownHall.com is giving him his fame by using is name in this article. If you can't write and article without using this POS name, then don't complain about his fame. Do any of you so called journalists have an ounce of brains?
WOW! Mr. Todd must be sick. Call the Dr. He must have picked up something while he was licking Obama's shoes.
Plouffe is a delusional bootlicking idiot!
You can put all of the data together that you want and the anti gunners like Bloomberg, Watts, de Blasio, Cuomo, will still blame the law abiding gun owner. It is like blaming every mass shooting on the dreaded, mis-identified, assault rifle when most the mass shooting in the last two years involved shotguns. You are trying to fight ideology with facts when ideology doesn't care.
It is interesting that if you send MDA an email politely explaining the error of their position, you get a reply warning that threats will not be tolerated and will be reported to the authorities. Further, they say that their contact link in for press questions only. Hmmmm, they want to speak but they don't want to listen.
This is just another example out of the liberal playbook. Make egregious, disgusting, fallacious attacks on someone or organization. If you get called on it, simply apologize. The apology will never make it into the lame stream media. The person making the attack will never be punished. Thus the attack stands.
Murthy will be another recess appointment.
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