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Chicago is the Detroit of the future!
As a former resident of PA, I know that people there typically complain about high taxes. However, when they get some relief they complain about less money for services and turn back to the people that are guaranteed to bring them higher taxes!
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On Obamacare (and Guns), We Won't Comply

Gary301 Wrote: Oct 02, 2013 8:56 AM
Obamacare is a horrible law and we would be much better off without it. That said, although I do not want the Repubs to support and enable this monstrosity, I wish they had not allowed their opposition to lead to the government shutdown. This reflects badly on both parties, and distracts the public from the cracks that have been appearing in the "armor" of Obamacare from the outset! Obamacare is going to hurt more people than it helps by a long shot. I think they should back off for now, let the public witness how this terrible program unfolds, and continue to remind voters who is responsible for its implementation. In 2014 Obamacare could bring the Dems the same sort of election carnage that they experienced in 2010. If that would occur, it would be easy to scrap Obamacare at that point.
Unlike the past, at this point in time I see no need for us to automatically oppose something if the Russians support it. This situation in Syria could go in indefinitely. Both sides of it are murderous bastards, but as Earl29 said Assad is not murdering priests. I say we stay out of it, provide no support, and let the Russians help Assad crush the insurgents - not an ideal situation but it would bring about more stability than what there is now!
"Something bad happened in November – and based on the NFIB survey data, it wasn't merely Hurricane Sandy. We all know what that "something bad" is - the number of uninformed fools was sufficient to get Obama re-elected. All those flowery promises of reducing the deficit and creating jobs were followed by 4 years of economic failures that made things worse. Things like bailing out mismanaged businesses and trying to force green energy on financially struggling people when it is neither efficient or cost-effective do not work and never will. Obama is a total fool in all aspects of economics except one - taking other peoples money and giving it away!
I also formerly worked for an Architectural-Engineering firm that targeted government contracts as a major part of their business line. In the eyes of the government, if you do not spend all the money that was allotted, you must have been given more than you needed and your budget will be cut for the next fiscal year, so hence the annual scramble to make sure to spend any remaining funds in a government contract budget. Rather bizarre, I always thought, to punish those who exhibit fiscal responsibility and try to get the most out of allotted funds, and reward those that spend every dime and yell for more. Is it any wonder that our government is teetering on bankruptcy?
One thing that is unquestionable - he is an arrogant narcissistic SOB.
That was really low, dragging the kids along for extra bodies to show support for their cause. At our school all field trips are preceded by a parent permission form that must be signed and returned before a child is allowed to participate in a field trip - was something like this not done here? I know I would never grant permission for my child to be taken to a pro-labor demonstration under the guise of "education."
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