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Hillary's Takes A Fall

gary28 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 6:17 AM
The prudent approach for a concussion is being checked out at a hospital, especially for a high government official. Our current government believes the American people are all dunces. The Clinton's have been and will continue to be criminal in nature!

Washington -- Think back. Have we not experienced all this before, say in the 1990s?

Since October, we have known the defense measures at our Benghazi diplomatic installation were inadequate. Then there was the controversy over whether the assault on our diplomatic compound was caused by a peaceful demonstration that went haywire. It turned out there was no peaceful demonstration, contrary to the State Department's early account. But that was lost in the next controversy over security at the installation. Officials from State appeared before Congress. Some testified there was sufficient security. Some said there was not sufficient security. Some State Department...