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Non-Germane President Obama

Gary 265 Wrote: Sep 21, 2013 8:42 PM
That post is more Conservative speculation and hope. Sounds like the regurgitation of a Romney campaign speech to me.
{Credentials needed} www.joadcycle.com
There is no fox and no chicken coop. Politics today is more ladeling out tax revenues and borrowed funds for a fee and the hope of getting re-elected. www.joadcycle.com
Is balancing your own checkbook a requirement of the job? What better qualification can a politician on the Financial Services Committee have than a casual association with ethics? www.joadcycle.com
They were quietly building indignation toward the Democrats. www.joadcycle.com
What makes the GOP argument so difficult is that those in the media supporting not taxing the rich are rich themselves so it seems like they are merely defending their way of life. What the Party needs is a ground swell of support from the poor against taxing the rich but since the GOP lost that constituency in the election, it is the rich defending the rich and a continuation of the Romney campaign. Short of a better rationale for protecting the 2%, this is very bad politics. www.joadcycle.com
I agree. Offensive defense has made America diplomatically lazy. If you can bully any country, that doesn't mean that you do. And the bullied have a survival instinct, too, so they will find ways to prosper around our superior and over spent "defense". www.joadcycle.com
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Fiscal Cliff Notes: Part II

Gary 265 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 8:22 AM
Economists are just numerical politicians supporting political policy using empirical concepts unprovable and unproven and undecipherable to the common folks like you and me. When tax rates go up or down, the economy could very well be unaffected by it and so when their is growth, even with reduced rates, tax revenues go up and with declining growth (like now) tax revenue goes down). "Economic proofs" offered by the left AND the right are merely used to support current political thought in order to convince the public to acquiese to proposed tax laws for one side or against the other. Not that economics is totally useless, it keeps a great many academics from becoming politicians and that's a very good thing. www.joadcycle.com
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