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I am GLAD GW is a FACT!!!!! If not, Saturdays temp would have been -6 instead of -5. (30 deg. below average)
"The decision will be left in the hands of the voters." Is that including the 'dead voters' and the 'I voted 3 times for him, voters' or are you saying only legitimate voters?
Then shouldn't every Service person that says 'God D___', or 'Jesus', or Jesus H. Christ' be drummed out of the service????? (There go all the older Sergeants.)
You forgot the most important part : or prohibiting the free exercise there of
Sins have a rating scale?????? You break a link in a chain, the whole chain is worthless. God says SIN is SIN. I Corinthians 6:7-10 was what Phil quoted.
You are wrong. The uninvited will not find out anything. The Medical Examiner will, during the autopsy.
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Brooks: Time to Torch the Constitution

Gary23 Wrote: Dec 16, 2013 7:53 AM
And, you are a Racist if you don't let him. Michelle O said, right after BO was sworn in, 'If you don't agree with Barack, you are a racist. Even if you are Black.'
Also, all the dead voters and the multiple voters. One woman voted 5 times for BO. Once with a mail in vote, once when she voted in person, once for her sister who lives with her when she is in town (her sister voted in her own town), once for her Uncle who visits some times (don't know if he voted elsewhere) and once for a ???Cousin??? who uses her address. ALL votes went through because she was a POLL worker.
Maybe that is why we, that can't have kids (I am a male)(also include all overage women) have to pay for maternity and birth control. Oh, wait. Those that have sex change operations fall in that category. I bet they still have to pay for that stuff. Bet they hate that!
Eat more beef. I am planning to do that later today. Cows are vegetarians. You are what you eat. So, cows are grass. Eating cows is being a vegetarian. How simple is that? (Pass the Heinz, please.)
And, when were you there? In a Troop of about 160, which was the amount when I was there, maybe 10 were addicts. Another 40 or so used. I'm talking weed. We had only 3 that used hard stuff. Alcohol was the most preferred choice. MOST of my Brother Troopers had jobs to go back to. Some were college grads or had some college. Most went back to productive lives. Poor kids? Didn't see many.
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