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$2,000,000,000 divided by the expected 90,000 this year is $22,222.22 per invader (because that is what they are). One way bus ticket would cost, what? $100? Instead of taking them from Texas to Arizona, send them back to Mexico and let them take care of them. (Or we could trade 10,000 for our Marine!)
Reminds me of the story about the body parts deciding which one would be "Boss".
Nah!!!! Raj had a real job before becoming chairman!
If she turned GAY, she wouldn't need contraceptives. (Welcome Home, V V. A-Troop, 3rd Squadron, 17th Air Cavalry, Viet Nam 69-70)
Sweeping or flying????? Just asking!
Barack Obama: "I have a pen and a phone!" Me: "Use the pen to write out your resignation and the phone to call Two Men and a Truck." (Or any other moving company.)
M1 Garand is a 30 caliber rifle (30-06) M1 Carbine is a 30 caliber rifle (30 carbine) M14 is a 30 caliber rifle (7.62 is it's metric equivalent) (308/7.62 x 51) All are 30 cal All take different cartridges
Didn't your Daddy tell you how he had to walk to school, in snow to his armpits, barefoot, uphill both ways??????? Well, this is the opposite.
He slowed the rising oceans by causing more ice in Antarctica.
I am GLAD GW is a FACT!!!!! If not, Saturdays temp would have been -6 instead of -5. (30 deg. below average)
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