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Happily, just read "COLLUSION" by Bozell & Graham. Last week concluded Ben Shapiro's riveting book ''BULLIES." Look forward to ''FAST AND FURIOUS." Sadly, Obama & Holder are imperious to & exempt from public opinion.
Sadly, it would NOT surprise any American that is dubious about this president & his state departments.
Thank you for your witty, sense of humor! Sadly, this president continues to play the public, while, at the same time, insults our intelligence.
Some might suggest Obama & his charlatan aids are plotting once again to hoodwink the public. Others democratic hacks may be more subliminal in their attempts to mislead the people. Thus, convoluted, disingenuous, rhetoric will continue to deceive the American people. In short, it is best to be skeptical of this Machiavellian president.
This administration is less than honest. It is, however, a master at manipulating news to fit it's image. Partisan, puppet, surrogates evolve daily as haughty, accomplices for Obama's stealth agenda. Thus, at this time, someone seems to know something about Benghazi. WOW! What could that someone be & what does he know? Obviously, that someone knows we are being played by our own president & his state department. In short, Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, etc., have NO credibility.
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The Mindset of the Left

GARY187 Wrote: Jul 11, 2013 2:57 PM
Sadly, it seems the goal of the left is to entrench a permanent, liberal, elite in power in Washington D.C. This is called a partisan, plutocracy committed to handouts in return for votes.
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