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And record every interaction.
The military needs to stand over the auditors.
Cloward and Piven did not address what to do if you screw up and the chaos you create turns at you. obama needs to be removed. Get on with it Congress. Stir the pot, Republicans. We out here are calling for it. Do it.
Even today the fraud is defiant. Hey WH Press Corps, do your jobs! NOW! You want this country to stay together? Do your jobs. NOW! Persist with questions for the fraud. Do not relent. obama is baaaaaaaaaaddd news. He has got to go. The whole bit about his racial angle? Forget that. Forget it. It is irrelevant and straw man. He has got to go! Got that?
Nobody on the face of the earth pressed him on this statement. Nobody. This was a threat to the country as far as I am concerned. Seriously, what human being, on the verge of becoming its leader, would make such a statement if he did not hold ill will for a large swath of its citizens?
obama, October 6, 2010: "A Republican majority in Congress would mean “hand-to-hand combat” on Capitol Hill for the next two years..." Newsflash barry. Get ready for some "hand-to-hand combat" for on 11/4/14 you are going to be served notice.
You have fallen into his trap. He does not care a whit about the words he uses. He only cares about the transformation of the country.
Spin, deflect, lie, obfuscate, intimidate, threaten opposition do anything but be president and accountable to the people.
You are naïve.
This is criminal. Period. It is the demoncrats', led by the fraud barry, effort to get past the 11/4/14 elections by limiting the impact of obamacaresnot and holding on to as many seats as they can by making the taxpayers, in essence, campaign contributors on a scale never before seen by using, ultimately, a gun, literally, to their heads.
Real, real easy this November 4. "D" next to the name? No votes. Nuke 'em. Oust 'em. Prevent them from getting in at all. For if there is a "D" next to their name they then support the demoncrat platform and by extension, obama. 11/4/14 will be the woodshed of all woodshed elections for the demoncrats.
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