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Gullible and Ignorant at best, lying at worst!
Come this May, there will be a massive march on Washington. Hopefully one that will not only surround the WH but Congress as well. These people work for us and they need to be reminded of that fact, forcefully if needbe!
A special prosecutor can, if only Congress had the balls!
If the IRS includes all left wing groups as well then I'm all for it, but as expected, you have missed the point. It's selective targeting of Conservative groups for political purposes that's wrong here.
What more proof does one need of collusion between the IRS (lerner) and DOJ? Time to throw them all in jail!
The big game in Washington is to see how many lies one can state and still convince the public it isn't a lie. I have to admit, the public has been pretty damn gullible and only feeds the need to lie further. Obama and his admin. have gotten away with murder, literally and the voices demanding truth get drummed out by the sounds of all those others sticking their heads in the sand. THere has always been trickery and deception in DC but Obama and his Chicago style politicos have taken it to a new high and STILL the people remain mostly silent. Be careful what you wish for America, we may be about to GET IT!
That is simply dillusional. The DNC believes that people out there are just plain stupid. Some, perhaps, but their smoke & mirrors and outright lies have finally caught uo to them.
Those on the left, will not raise a finger to point at Hillary, much less demand punishment. That, my friend, is the state of politics in this country. The only time finger pointing becomes " fashionable" is when the other side does something "wrong". Hillary will go on to run for Pres.and probably win, unless we republicans/Conservatives can learn to get otu of our own way and champion someone worthy in more eyes than not!
If Preibus were a NFL coach, he would have been gone immediately after the 2012 election debacle!
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