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I think it is safe to say that placing him back on active duty was a decision based upon what "protects" the Obama image of Bergdahl's captivity. I can pretty much guarantee that the military at Fort Houston will shun this guy. The fact that his platoon mates have not yet been interviewed smacks of the same coverups that surround BenGhazi...ThE MO is clearly an Obama "MO".
And every single one of them will be redacted beyond readability! This is a game they are playing. If the Obama admin is behind this then impeachment will follow. if we are dealing with a renegade IRS, then a wholesale top to bottom purging needs to be done. Liberals seem to think that this is just a GOP witch hunt. What they fail to understand is that a precedent of the IRS using it's power to influence political interests once set will be hard to erradicate. When the tables turn and the GOP is in power, similar behaviors from the IRS against liberal organizations will occur. As a nation, we simply can not allow this agency, who already has the power to destroy lives, to influence the political process.
I am pinching myself!! For once and probably the only time, I agree with Pelosi! Other than their insincere platitudes, the dems need to be part of the Select Committee if for no other reason than to not allow them (Dems) to call it a whitewash.....
Isn't it obvious the bias that not only CBS has been demonstrating, but that of NBC, ABC, etc. as well? All one has to do is simply compare the stories that appear on Fox or any middle of the road journalistic endeavor and you will quickly see what's missing. Regardless of the political slant coming from the right, just what's missing from the main stream news is enough to indict them as biased. True journalism in this country is pretty much dead and with that goes one of our greatest protectors of liberty: A FREE PRESS.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_prosecutor - Similar to Special prosecutor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A special prosecutor generally is a lawyer from outside the government appointed by an attorney general or, in the United States, by Congress to investigate a ... United States - References - Further reading - External links
Gullible and Ignorant at best, lying at worst!
Come this May, there will be a massive march on Washington. Hopefully one that will not only surround the WH but Congress as well. These people work for us and they need to be reminded of that fact, forcefully if needbe!
A special prosecutor can, if only Congress had the balls!
If the IRS includes all left wing groups as well then I'm all for it, but as expected, you have missed the point. It's selective targeting of Conservative groups for political purposes that's wrong here.
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