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The ultimate enemy is not white liberals; it's blacks.
Because blacks intimidate us better than vice versa. And because they have the law on their side. That's what "hate crime" legislation is all about.
Good one. You can never make peace with blacks. There will be a few outliers among them like Herman Cain or Thomas Sowell, but generally they are a disaster.
Now THAT's what I'm talking about, too.
Blacks are the problem. Jim Crow at least tried to protect us from blacks. Put down that silly book by Jonah Goldberg and read some real history.
The Klan defined themselves not by Democratic party membership -- Southern whites who hated the Klan were Democrats, too -- but by secrecy, intimidation, and Protestant defense of racial separation.
Actually, he's Al Sharpton with a law degree. Bull Connor at least was looking out for white interests. Enough with this nonsense about "liberal racism." Liberals should be opposed because they're anti-white.
It is in the nature of blacks to threaten others with violence, even their own kind, and then commit it. Has ever there existed a race that is so much an affront to human decency?
Ugh. What a horrible collection of people. Never forget that blacks always can be counted on to be one thing: blacks. It's less about political party than it is about race itself. These Black Panther homies will kill whitey if that's what it takes to keep their man, Obama, in office. Of course, AG Eric Holder will do nothing about this criminal racket. That's how he got the job.
You utterly miss the point here. The author is showing that Siegel's pro-Bush effort in 2000 resulted in poetic justice eight years later -- Bush's policies unwittingly almost put Siegel out of business.
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TSA: Carcinogenic Petting Zoo

garageman Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 1:05 PM
A lot violent Muslims whose actions necessitated this unpleasant regime also can be called perverted.
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