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A Feeble Defense of Single Motherhood

garageman Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 2:02 PM
Were it not for sex, none of us would be here. That much I do know.
You got that one right. A black neighborhood is a violent one. I've never seen an exception yet.
We have no idea yet as to who the shooter was. Don't you think it's a better idea to get the real facts first before inventing your own?
Blacks do support him. I've seen him speak personally before an overwhelmingly black audience. Trust me. Holder and the Panthers have the support of blacks.
Unfortunately, this guy DOES represent the way most blacks think. That's why blacks can never be our friends. Forget the nonsense about "liberal racism." Our beef is with blacks.
It was Northern Democrats who stopped the Klan. And there were plenty of Southern Democrtats who opposed the Klan, too, but didn't out of fear. Get it straight: The Democrats should be opposed, but not because they're anti-black. It's because they're anti-white.
The Democratic Party is not "fascist." It's anti-white egalitarian. Get it through your head: Blacks are not victims of white Democrats. Blacks OWN white Democrats.
The ultimate enemy is not white liberals; it's blacks.
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