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Incorrect, hate is the only reason you post in this site !!!
This is one more reason you shouldn't send your kids to government run schools !!!
Where's ICE when we need them? They could have easily detained thousands at this rally, many of them useless people who just want to live out of welfare !!!
Which town is that one? Please share that information so we can go there and do the work the so called "media" refused to do.
Agree, it will also resolve the debt problem !!!
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Empty Seats in the Gosnell Press Box

garaceg Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 9:24 AM
Barack Obama once proposed legislation in the Illinois Senate that would REQUIRE doctors to kill newborns that had survived botched abortion attempts. The story is about how the left condones murdering these babies to the extent that they refuse to cover the story when when of these butchers gets caught. Obama has EVERYTHING to do with this story
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