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Last chance before catastrophe? Didn't AL "made millions off green scams while living the life of a massive polluter" Gore say we had to act within 2 years to stop catastrophe? That was 12 years ago. Catastrophe hasn't happened yet. The truth is various "scientist" have been warning of imminent catastrophe since I was a kid in the '60s. Back then it was Silent Spring about exaggerated pollution dangers, Global Cooling and The Population Bomb. Oops, western countries are not even reproducing their own numbers much less over populating the world. As third world countries become wealthier, there is every reason to believe they will also naturally control their population numbers. Lest we think this shrill alarmist rhetoric is a modern phenomena, back in the middle ages, numerologists predicted the end of the world in the year 1000. We will always have Chicken Little's running around crying that the sky is falling. The trick is never let them get access to your wallet.
Of course they have to pass it in order to find out whats in it. Thank you Madam Pelosi.
Kerry betrayed American servicemen when he spouted his lies to Congress in order to propel him into power. His character has not changed since. I likewise had no hopes of him ever becoming anything other than a waste of human flesh.
This article is a childish attempt to challenge evolution. I read Townhall articles for their intelligent response to the MSM, but this article makes conservatives look like knuckle dragging apes. Do yourselves a favor Townhall and put Frank Pastore out to pasture.
Although Oblamer richly deserves impeachment for numerous crimes, politically it will never fly. He will not be impeached for the same reason he was elected. He is the first black president (tata bill c.). The dims scream that any criticism of him is racism. If the House was to impeach him, the dims will be screaming racism for another generation. Besides, the Senate will NEVER convict. SO... calling for impeachment is self-defeating. It's right... but it is not going to happen and it is self defeating.
Valerie Plame was not a CIA operative. She had long since been in a non-covered status when her husband attempted to use their relationship to slander George W. Bush.
Those same arguments were being made prior to Ronald Reagan running as a true conservative. Many intelligent, logical people voted him in to office, succeeding in pushing back against the inevitable wall of ignorance that is key for left wing "progress".
Your "analysis" is clearly indicative of your radical, illogical, leftist ideology. Get out of here TroLL.
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A New Assault on Freedom of the Press

gar26 Wrote: Feb 13, 2014 9:29 PM
Another Assault on honesty and integrity by the former, now disgraced, Judge Judy Nit-Pick Napolitano. Nit picks' latest article is choked with lies and deliberate distortions, as is his norm. Are you sure he is not related to Obama? Rather than waste time listing the many half-truths and untruths spouted this time, I will let two suffice. There is a long history, at least as far back a WWII, to restrict the sharing of secrets to a small group of legislators. This is not a "post 9/11" change. Politicians value having their names in the news far more than they value our nation's secrets. The NSA gathered phone meta data not the entire contents of . These two facts alone undermine Napolitano's entire premise. Townhall and FOX News should not give this cretin the time of day much less provide him an audience to pander his lies to. We already have the Democrats for that! If I wanted to be lied to I would just replay the State of the Union Address.
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