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Guns in the Home Surprise Criminals

JohannS Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 9:36 AM
I don't agree. It was a dangerous game, but folding was a big mistake. There was no guarantee that they would not kill him after he surrendered his gun, and then proceed to get their way with the women and later kill them too. He was in a better strategic position as long as there was a stand off. They were lucky to be spared and be left alive and well.

(This true-crime event took place the night of Nov. 13th 1981.)

A duck hunt loomed in the morning so I hit the bed early, where my wife Shirley (six-months pregnant) was reading. Elaine, her sister, was due home from the show any minute……

Suddenly all hell broke loose downstairs— door crashed in, shrieks, bumps, whacks. “Shut-up!”

“Oh NO!! NO!!”


Geezum! Somebody broke in?! And I could hear Elaine screaming. I leaped from my bed to the gun rack, grabbed the pump shotgun and started slipping in shells.

“Don’t shoot!” came Elaine’s cry from the darkness downstairs. She...