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The Limits of American Power

GAMMA-RAY-BURSTER Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 2:01 PM
PERSUASION-DIPLOMACY PRESUMES ONE IS SPEAKING TO A SANE FOREIGN NATION'S LEADERS Time for Hillary to go.... She is no Henry Kissinger (as also is Carnival Carney no Tony Snow). Kissinger would never have sent a known homosexual Ambassador into the hornets next of a war zone within an Islamic nation... period. This 'progressive'... the pillow educated and unwise entity that ran for president and lost.. made SOS by Obama must soon resign or be fired. From day one this 'progressive' has been but a laugh both as a sudden Senator from New York, losing presidential aspirant and now... losing Secretary of State. Hillary along with her mentor... Billary... should retire to private life with neither seeking favors from Obama if reelected.... ---
GAMMA-RAY-BURSTER Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 2:01 PM
... which surely includes novel notions such as being nominated along with Elizabeth 'injun' Warren to SCOTUS.

That's their plan....

Prevent such by voting for Romney-Ryan. Retire the Clinton's and their aspirations for SCOTUS nominations along with the same for the 'injun'... exiling the "Clinstones" to permanent retirement while sending the 'injun' back to her role as an affirmative-action professor of the simplest type 'law' known to exist.... bankruptcy.

Monday's US presidential debate on foreign policy came and went. And we are none the wiser for it.

Not surprisingly, at the height of the campaign season, neither US President Barack Obama nor his Republican challenger Gov. Mitt Romney was interested in revealing his plans for the next four years.

But from what was said, we can be fairly certain that a second Obama term will involve no departure from his foreign policy in his current term in office.

As far as Iran and its nuclear weapons program is concerned, that policy has involved a combination of occasional tough talk and...