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Science is based on evidence, not on faith. No scientist "believes" in evolution. Creationism requires belief. Evolution is about the origin of species, NOT about the origin of life. There is no theory about the origin of life that is supported by scientific evidence. There is only speculation. There is however evidence concerning the origin of species. It is found in the fossil record, the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria, and the evolution of insecticide resistance in pests.
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Ducks May Be Done at A&E

GAM41 Wrote: Dec 20, 2013 11:33 AM
Tolerance does not require approval. Unfortunately GLAAD does seem to understand that.
So bake them a cake but leave all the sugar out. I really don't see the need to destroy one baker because he is opposed to homosexual marriage when there are many other bakes who will bake you a cake without regard to your sexual preferences. If you were as old as I, you would know that discrimination against homosexuals is nothing like the racial segregation of 60 years ago.
The right has spent the last century struggling to minimize the loss of individual freedom. While at the same time the left has struggled to maximize the centralization of power in government. The end result is that over time the left wins and the right looses. That in a nutshell in the progressive strategy and it has worked and is working. When the right begins to achieve gains in individual freedom year over year then there will be reason for hope. Otherwise we become chattels of the government.
Sorry Billy, the web site isn't the problem. It's the cancelations and price increases and that isn't going away.
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White House Promotes "White House Youth"

GAM41 Wrote: Dec 03, 2013 9:52 PM
Actually, I think a better name would be "The Young Pioneer Organization." It would set the correct political tone.
We'll still get the executive orders and phony recess appointments. I.e. his low popularity won't change anything except to make us all the more angry when he circumvents the constitution.
Is the language that made all of these existing policies "substandard" in the text of the ACA as passed by Congress? Or, is that language in an implementing regulation issued by HHS? If it's in a regulation then yes the President has the power to change it by changing the regulation. If the language is in the text of the ACA then he doesn't have the power to change it. Even so the President can decline to enforce that part of the ACA by invoking prosecutorial discretion and not prosecute violators.
Secretary Sebelius: I am a taxpayer. You work for me. You are doing a poor job. You should resign and go back to Kansas if they'll take you.
I feel sorry for my family in Virginia. Terry McAullife is organic waste and Virginia is about to make him governor. It's sickening.
Mr. Hunter, The right won't follow your advice and the whole country will suffer from progressivism for as far into the future as anyone can see. The progressives have Organizing for America. Where the (bleep) is Organizing for Liberty?? Will we ever fight back? Will the careerists ever depart from us? I fear that I am too old to ever see liberty and good times again.
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