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". . . despite Scott being the first African-American Senator since Reconstruction." Did someone forget about Edward Brooke (R) Massachusetts and Carol Moseley Braun (D) Illinois?
Old Joe is the best V.P. ever. No one has ever been as well suited to the position of V.P. as Joe Biden.
Anyone who believes in salvation through dependency is the real dummy. The people dependent on government are there because they are incapable of depending on themselves.
"Why do democrats pander to the lowest common denominator - the low information brainwashed morons, like yourself?" Could it be that they're the only ones buying it? ;-)
I bailed on NY in 2008. Lots of reasons: corruption in Albany, political bigotry (see Gov. Cuomo), onerous taxes, atrocious winter weather (I don't ski!), sky high utility rates, did I mention high taxes, road salt and rusted out cars, and those high taxes! My new house is worth twice as much as my NY house and the real estate taxes are half as much. Electric rates here are half of those in NY.
There is a profound lack of commitment to the oaths of office on both sides of the isle. Who is standing by their oath to "preserve and protect the constitution of the United States?" There is no achievable alternative to political and economic collapse. I am thankful that I am OLD!
My word, Carville is an economic nincompoop.
Be of good cheer TC. The ONE will shortly solve your problem with his PEN and TELEPHONE. Just one executive order and your priorities will change and pay you will whether you want to or not.
I would hope that all those people that Governor Cuomo dislikes would just leave New York as I did. If they do, instant Detroit.
Science is based on evidence, not on faith. No scientist "believes" in evolution. Creationism requires belief. Evolution is about the origin of species, NOT about the origin of life. There is no theory about the origin of life that is supported by scientific evidence. There is only speculation. There is however evidence concerning the origin of species. It is found in the fossil record, the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria, and the evolution of insecticide resistance in pests.
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