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High Risk, Low Yield

GaltLine Wrote: Sep 26, 2013 8:46 AM
The problem with dealing with Obama, his czar community organizers in the White House, his pathetic minions in the House and Senate, and his lock step media advisers and advocates in the press is Obama is controlling the whole stage. Also the lighting, the audience, the concession stand, and the ticket counter. He throws Alinsky-style wrenches at everything. Republicans on the other hand have no multi-tasking skills. They bring to the fore front one issue at a time. They hang the issue out to dry while Obama absconds with 100 more pieces of the Republic. If the Republicans are doomed to one battle at a time I would choose the need for a budget. I would hammer forever that the vile Harry Reed has failed to pass a Senate budget for going on five years. The House should just sit, do nothing, and wait and wait and wait for Harry to do his job. I think the American people would understand. Part of the Republican argument would be continuing resolution impasses would be non-existent if we passed yearly budgets. It would be so common sense even the most uninformed of the so-called educated professorial class would get it.
For sure. John Maynard would not claim him. The Marxists and socialists of government, journalism, and our universities use Keynes garb like an invisibility cloak.
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Stirrings of Secession

GaltLine Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 9:25 PM
Been there. Seen them. They're really little.
Get your point. But if Fast and Furious was a gun running operation intended to undermine the Second amendment, is that not an attempt by an enemy domestic to undermine, rewrite, or essentially eliminate the US Constitution? The founding fathers said the republic would be doomed if its citizenry was ever disarmed.
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Nice Losers

GaltLine Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 10:05 PM
Interesting your ire was raised by Dr Sowell even though he did not shriek and screech. Usurpation of power and circumventing the law is merely the type of language Samuel Adams used to inspire our first revolution. May clear articulation of common sense principles drum mercilessly the brass noggins of the medievelists living amongst us.
Establishment Republicans are not accusing Obama of being a Socialist. But as a free market capitalist I accuse Obama of being a socialist. I know what I am and easily recognize what he is. I also so happen, for the time being, to be a Republican. There are many socialist Republicans, many who are soft on socialist, and then many more of us who know they have no right to hold office because they refuse to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and because they have no respect for private property rights which are at the base of free market capitalism.
Filthy Harry has no fear of the lack of a filibuster in the Senate. That's because he has no intention of giving up Democrat control of the Senate in the same way Obama has no intention of ever giving up Democrat control of the White House. 59 precincts in Philadelphia and 9 precincts in Cleveland without a single Romney vote? These people believe they have a moral right to commit election fraud because of their Alinsky belief that the ends justify the means.
What happens if the Second Amendment is removed? Nothing. The right to self defense of life and property remains an unalienable God given right. Too bad Barack and Hillary. Our Father trumps yours. Our fathers, Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Adams defeated your medievalist fathers Marx, Lenin, Engels, Trotsky, and Stalin long ago.
Perhaps we should all read Jonathan Edward's July 8, 1741 sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," and then try to be critical of men made in God's image helping to drive the point home to the lost.
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