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What Carney is evidently saying is that the margin of error is 100 percent. So it could have been 12 or 0 who actually signed up.
I'm actually not all that distressed (or surprised) by the Obama administration's shameless ongoing attempts to deceive the American people regarding the "self-evident" (in the words of the president's own spokesmen) nature of Benghazi tragedy. I'm far more disturbed by the seemingly self-deluded mindset required of national leaders desperately clinging to a worldview so clearly divorced from reality. I fear Joe Biden's baffling buffoonery during the vice-presidential debates was in fact symptomatic of serious symptom a much more ominous disconnect between our country's leaders and we the people. Like our crippling debt, our crumbling economy, and the fading faith and hope of our next generation, it's no laughing matter.
Let us remember that in the first months of Obama's term, his administration quit referring to the "war on terror"--preferring to call it their "overseas contingency operation." Shortly thereafter they proposed protecting the public from the horror "acts of terror" by re-designating them as "man-caused disasters." Is it any surprise that after spending almost four years refusing to honestly discuss the "national security threat which shall not be named" that the Obama administration has slowly and steadily devolved to the point where it is incapable of even recognizing terrorism when it raises it's unmistakably ugly head to explode in a dozen different countries around the globe on the very anniversary of 9-11?
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Is Joe Biden Skipping the RNC Convention?

GALewis Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 2:13 PM
The Real Reason Joe Biden has decided to skip the Republican National Convention? President Obama finally turned down Joe's request to skip the convention in Charlotte next month along with so many other Democrats.
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